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    Ovation Biothane Rubber Reins
    The Ovation Biothane Rubber Reins are made with genuine Biothane rubber and hook stud ends. This makes these reins grippy yet super-flexible for a great feel in your hands!

    Size: 5/8″ X 54″
    Color: Dark Brown
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    Nunn Finer Milano Figure 8 Bridle

    The Nunn Finer Milano Figure 8 Bridle is part of the Nunn Finer Bellissimo collection. Just as its name suggests, this bridle truly embodies the beauty and craftsmanship of the Renaissance period from which it gets its name. This bridle is truly a work of art that features buttery soft Italian leather, raised and fancy stitched brow and Figure 8 noseband, and matching raised and fancy stitched reins. Reins also feature soft rubber grips that improve feel. Leather is Havana brown and darkens beautifully to match all of your tack. The Nunn Finer Milano Figure 8 Bridle pairs perfectly with the Nunn Finer Bellissimo Running Martingale.

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    Exselle Elite Rubber Reins

    As any rider will tell you, the right reins will enhance the riders ability to control and command a horse. Pulling on the reins will help stop or steer a horse without losing control or harming he animal. Halo Horses knows the importance of purchasing horse tack that fits the need of the rider. We truly believe that in order for a rider to reach their full potential, they need to proper gear. Your equipment should work for you- never against  you. Reins are the number one link between the rider and the horse; and should always be made of high quality leather or a synthetic material that will not harm your horse. Cheaply made reins will cause chaffing to your horse, causing pain and discomfort.

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