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    Samshield Polo Visor Black

    The Samshield Polo Visor is the ideal way to protect your face from the harsh rays of the sun. It simply slides and locks onto any Samshield helmet model. The wide brim not only increases sun protection, but is lightweight and flattering. This visor does not obstruct vision while reducing glare. Available in black alcantara finish.

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    Moss Fresh Rider Deodorizing Mist

    The Moss Fresh Rider Deodorizing Mist is the perfect solution to stinky helmets and boots! This deodorizing mist provides leading edge odor eliminating technology, natural fragrance, and essential oils in special combination to improve and enhance products for horse and rider. Can be used on boots, blankets, helmets, pads, and more. The mist is made of an all-natural soy-based free radical technology that traps and destroys the odor on contact. No odor stands a chance against the Moss Fresh Rider Deodorizing Mist!

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