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    GWE Organic Saddle Soap

    The GWE Organic Saddle Soap & Leather Conditioner is truly two products in one! This saddle soap will both deeply cleanse dusty leather and condition it. While it revitalizes saddle leather, it is also appropriate and recommended for use on any leatherwear. Imparts a nice shine and ‘grippiness’. All-natural and made with organic ingredients. 8 oz jar.

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    Ovation Fancy Stitched Laced Leather Reins

    The Ovation Fancy Stitched Laced Leather Reins are made with fine, supple leather. In fact, Wicket and Craig American leather is known for its rich color and willingness to take oil. These dark brown raised and fancy stitched leather reins are accented with champagne colored stitching, enhancing their overall beauty.

     Size: 5/8″ X 54″

    Color: Dark Brown

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    Ovation Flat Reins

    The Ovation Flat Reins are made with fine, supple leather. The leather has tight, even stitching and is finished with beeswax for suppleness. These flat reins will still readily take oil and make a great pelham or curb rein.

    Size: 1/2″ X 54″
    Color: Brown
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    Ovation Biothane Rubber Reins
    The Ovation Biothane Rubber Reins are made with genuine Biothane rubber and hook stud ends. This makes these reins grippy yet super-flexible for a great feel in your hands!

    Size: 5/8″ X 54″
    Color: Dark Brown
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    Ovation Cord Draw Reins

    The Ovation Cord Draw Reins are specially designed with a section of poly propylene cord that allows the draw reins to easily slip through the bit. This allows the rider to better control the degree of pressure and to more quickly facilitate adjustments.

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    Camelot Round Lip Strap

    The Camelot Round Lip Strap is a correctly styled lip strap in a supple and high quality leather. This strap is attached just under the horse’s jaw on a pelham bit. Onesize fits all.

    Color: Brown

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    Camelot Leather Bit Loops

    The Camelot Leather Bit Loops are for use with any full cheek snaffle. They are leather loops that attach from the bit to the bridle to prevent bit slippage. This also promotes safety as it prevents the full cheek from becoming entangled in the tack or the horse’s boots/wraps. Sold in a set of two.

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    Centaur Waterford Dee-Ring Bit

    The Centaur Waterford Dee-Ring Bit  is perfect when a traditional looking bit is desired, but also a little more control. The Centaur Waterford Dee-Ring Bit  features a perfectly balanced design and large dee rings to ensure total comfort and response. Made of a lost wax cast and hand polished from the highest grade of 18/8 Stainless Steel. Lifetime guarantee against rust!

    Size is 5 1/2″ only.

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    Four-Prong Chrome Plated Tack Cleaning Hook

    This tack cleaning hook is chrome-plated and an absolute staple in any  barn. This portable tack cleaning hook can be hung from a barn door or ceiling, and is perfect for hanging bridles, halters, and leads. It can easily be moved around from one location to another. It is also coated with a finish that will stand the test of time. We believe in offering quality products here at Halo Horses.

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    Rainbow Tack Sponge

    The Rainbow Tack Sponge is a medium sized round tack cleaning sponge that comes in an assortment of fun colors! Sold Individually.

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    Horse Amour Bit Wipes

    Does your horse love his bit? Well he will when it is cleaned with sweet-tasting Horse Amour Bit Wipes! These flavored bit wipes come in a pop-up dispenser that is easy to store in your tack trunk or grooming tote. The delicious flavor of these wipes promote acceptance of the bit, while keeping it sparkling and clean. Horse Amour uses all natural and human grade ingredients that won’t leave the greasy feel of traditional wipes. These wipes are also safe for use on your horse’s eyes, face, and nose, or just any place where your horse needs a spruce-up.

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    EQUI+ Original Bit Butter

    The EQUI+ Original Bit Butter is specially formulated to provide all natural soothing care to your horse’s sensitive lips. It is designed to replenish moisture to dry, callused, and unresponsive areas of your horse’s mouth, thereby increasing communication. Enriched with a special “Mouth Softening Complex”, Original Bit Butter is a palatable blend of natural butters, essential oils, and unique flavoring that encourages acceptance of the bit.

    Size: 2oz Travel Size–Perfect for tack trunks and horse shows!

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    Rubber Curb Chain Guard

    The Equiessentials Rubber Curb Chain Guard is made of a high quality genuine rubber with no fillers. This durable rubber curb chain guard is the perfect solution for the sensitive horse. It slides over the curb chain to prevent pinching or sharp pressure. Gives you all the leverage of a pelham without the discomfort of a curb chain!

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    Rubber Martingale Rings

    Rubber Martingale Rings are for use with any standing or german martingale. They are an absolute necessity to prevent the standing martingale from sliding up and down and potentially over the horse’s head. These rings are made of a durable genuine rubber with absolutely no fillers. These rubber martingale rings are easy to put on; they just slide straight over one side of the open martingale. Correct placement of the rubber martingale ring is in the center “X”. Once in place, they stay well but are still easy to adjust or remove as needed. Come in dark brown or translucent gum.

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    Hydrophane Leather Darkening Oil (0.5L)

    The Hydrophane Leather Darkening Oil is the ultimate solution to darkening your tack! This oil is perfect for delivering ideal color to your bridles or other leather wear. The Hydrophane Leather Darkening Oil is a multipurpose leather dressing that darkens, cleans, and preserves leather articles.

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    Korsteel Hollow Loose Ring Snaffle

    The Korsteel Hollow Loose Ring Snaffle is a multi purpose bit. It’s made of high quality stainless steel. It features two 3 inch rings and a 20 mm mouth. It comes in a 5 ½ inch size.

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    Rubber Rein Stops

    Rubber Rein Stops are for use with any running martingale. They are an absolute necessity to prevent the running martingale from sliding down the reins and getting caught in the bit. They rubber rein stops are easy to put on; they just slide straight onto the reins! Once in place, they stay well but are still easy to adjust up or down the length of the reins.

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    Intrepid Nylon Gag Cheekpieces

    The Intrepid Nylon Gag Cheekpieces are for use with any gag snaffle. These cheekpieces buckle to the bridle, run through the slots on the rings of a gag bit, and then attach to the lower gag rein. The nylon cord slides easily through the slots and is relatively flexible. We recommend this product be used with the Coronet Slow Twist Jointed Gag.

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